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Design with Confidence: Introducing Karma Wireframe and UI Kits

With more than 1,000 wireframe blocks and 1,200 UI components, our fully customizable kits simplify your workflow and improve your designs.

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Save time and enhance consistency

Introducing Karma's dynamic duo: Wireframe & UI Kits for Figma — Crafted to power your creative journey

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Karma UI Kit

Karma UI Kit: A comprehensive solution for effortless interface design

Bring your user interface designs to life with the Karma UI Kit, a versatile and powerful toolset crafted specifically for Figma. With over 1,200 meticulously designed components, the Karma UI Kit provides everything you need to create visually stunning and functional interfaces across various devices and platforms.

  • 1,200+ UI Components: Adapt to fit any design.
  • Efficient Workflow: Save time and stay consistent.
  • Responsive Design: Look great on all devices.
  • Style Guide: Ensure visual harmony.
  • Organized Layers: Easy project navigation.
  • Regular Updates: Stay current with trends.
  • Premium Support: Expert assistance.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for all industries.
  • $59 for Figma, with a design system
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    Karma Wireframe Kit

    Karma Wireframe Kit: The ultimate foundation for your web projects

    Lay the groundwork for exceptional web designs with the Karma Wireframe Kit, a collection of over 1,000 design blocks tailored for Figma users. The kit equips you with a vast array of pre-built elements, enabling you to easily create web and landing pages while ensuring a robust and cohesive structure.



    68Hero Banner

    42Call to Action










    28Logo Clouds


    26Mobile Apps



    $59 for Figma, with a design system
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    Karma provides a comprehensive design toolkit with wireframes and UI components, streamlining the design process through an extensive library of pre-built elements for a seamless and consistent experience.

    Select the Perfect Option for Your Design Needs

    Find the ideal pricing option tailored to your design requirements. Whether you need wireframe, UI resources, or both, Karma has you covered. Take advantage of our affordable pricing and enhance your design projects with Karma.

    Karma UI Kit

    1,200+ Customizable UI Components

    Efficient Workflow & Responsive Design

    Comprehensive Style Guide & Organized Layers

    Figma-Optimized & Regular Updates

    Detailed Documentation & Premium Support

    Versatile Usage Across Industries



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    Karma Wireframe Kit

    1,000+ Wireframe Design Blocks

    Time-Saving Pre-built Components

    Fully Customizable & Organized Structure

    Figma-Friendly & Responsive Layouts

    Comprehensive Library & Easy Prototyping

    Free Updates & Premium Support



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    Karma Bundle: Wireframe + UI Kit

    All Features of Karma Wireframe Kit
    All Features of Karma UI Kit
    Complete Design Toolkit for Web & UI Projects
    Seamless Integration & Consistency
    Save $19 by Purchasing the Bundle
    One-Time Payment & Lifetime Access




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    Unlock the power of Karma: Streamline your design process and create stunning projects

    Harness the benefits of Karma's comprehensive Wireframe and UI Kits to transform your design projects and bring your creative visions to life. Designed specifically for Figma users, Karma offers a versatile, powerful, and easy-to-use toolkit that enables you to focus on what truly matters: crafting exceptional web and UI designs.