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Find the ideal pricing option tailored to your design requirements. Whether you need wireframe, UI resources, or both, Karma has you covered. Take advantage of our affordable pricing and enhance your design projects with Karma.

Karma UI Kit

1,200+ Customizable UI Components

Efficient Workflow & Responsive Design

Comprehensive Style Guide & Organized Layers

Figma-Optimized & Regular Updates

Detailed Documentation & Premium Support

Versatile Usage Across Industries



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Karma Wireframe Kit

1,000+ Wireframe Design Blocks

Time-Saving Pre-built Components

Fully Customizable & Organized Structure

Figma-Friendly & Responsive Layouts

Comprehensive Library & Easy Prototyping

Free Updates & Premium Support



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Karma Bundle: Wireframe + UI Kit

All Features of Karma Wireframe Kit
All Features of Karma UI Kit
Complete Design Toolkit for Web & UI Projects
Seamless Integration & Consistency
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One-Time Payment & Lifetime Access




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