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Karma Wireframe Kit: The Ultimate Foundation for Web Design

Discover the power of Karma's Wireframe Kit for Figma. Streamline your design process with 1,000+ pre-built components, ensuring rapid prototyping and outstanding results.

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Streamline your design process

Why Choose Karma Wireframe Kit

Time-Saving Components

Access 1,000+ pre-built design blocks to accelerate your design workflow and enhance efficiency.

Figma Compatibility

Enjoy seamless integration with Figma, ensuring optimal performance and ease of use within your favorite design platform.

Fully Customizable

Tailor each design block to your specific needs and preferences, crafting unique and personalized web layouts.

Responsive Design

Create web designs that adapt effortlessly across different devices, providing a consistent and engaging user experience.

Comprehensive Library

Benefit from diverse design blocks, from navigation to testimonial sections, allowing for versatile and dynamic web layouts.

Streamlined Prototyping

Accelerate the prototyping process with ready-to-use components, enabling rapid iteration and efficient design testing.

Organized Structure

Navigate your projects easily thanks to a clean, well-structured, and carefully labeled organization of design blocks.


Work effectively with your team using easy-to-share components, enhancing communication and teamwork within your design projects.

Scalable for Projects of All Sizes

Leverage Karma's Wireframe Kit for any project, from small startups to large enterprises, ensuring professional results regardless of scale.

1,000+ Components in 18 Thoughtfully Curated Categories

Discover the power of Karma Wireframe Kit's comprehensive library

Dive into Karma Wireframe Kit's 1,000+ components, meticulously organized into 18 categories, offering an unparalleled selection of design blocks to craft your perfect web layouts.



68Hero Banner

42Call to Action










28Logo Clouds


26Mobile Apps



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Get Rid Of Manual

From ideas to functional prototypes in minutes

The key to efficient, rapid prototyping

Experience the convenience of Karma Wireframe Kit's streamlined design process, eliminating the need for manual wireframe creation. Bring your concepts to life in no time, thanks to our extensive library of ready-to-use components.

How it Works

Don't reinvent the wheel for every web project

A collection of practical and carefully crafted pages helps get your website up as quickly as possible.

Wireframe Kit for Figma

Discover the richness of Karma Wireframe Kit's extensive library

Delve into the impressive assortment of over 1,000 design blocks in Karma Wireframe Kit, encompassing 18 diverse categories, to ensure you have the perfect components for every aspect of your web design projects.

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The Ultimate Wireframe Kit

Experience the power of Karma's cohesive design system

Leverage the strength of Karma Wireframe Kit's design system, featuring consistent design elements and style guides, to create seamless and visually harmonious web layouts that captivate your audience.

Get Started with Ease

Variants and auto layout 4.0

Effortless Navigation with Karma Wireframe Kit's Clear Structure

Navigate your design projects with ease thanks to Karma Wireframe Kit's well-organized, intuitive structure, allowing for the efficient location, customization, and implementation of design blocks in your web design projects.

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Designers Love Karma

Explore how Karma Wireframe Kit has become an essential tool for designers, streamlining their workflows and elevating their design capabilities.

Fantastic work

Karma is based on hundreds of observed best practices, so you don't have to worry about customer experience.

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Tolga Şahin

Sr. Ux Designer

Huge library

The best component-rich UI library I've ever used! It's incredible how many options it delivers.

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Yucel Faruk Sahan

Maker of Landing Page FYI

I love it

Burcu is a great designer and did fantastic work again.

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Mustafa Fırat

Sr. Ux Designer

A comprehensive design work!

Karma Wireframe Kit works in harmony with Figma's most creator-friendly features, providing excellent flexibility to designers.

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Fatih Güner

Maker of Flow Wireframe Kit

Select the Perfect Option for Your Design Needs

Find the ideal pricing option tailored to your design requirements. Whether you need wireframe, UI resources, or both, Karma has you covered. Take advantage of our affordable pricing and enhance your design projects with Karma.

Karma UI Kit

1,200+ Customizable UI Components

Efficient Workflow & Responsive Design

Comprehensive Style Guide & Organized Layers

Figma-Optimized & Regular Updates

Detailed Documentation & Premium Support

Versatile Usage Across Industries



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Karma Wireframe Kit

1,000+ Wireframe Design Blocks

Time-Saving Pre-built Components

Fully Customizable & Organized Structure

Figma-Friendly & Responsive Layouts

Comprehensive Library & Easy Prototyping

Free Updates & Premium Support



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Karma Bundle: Wireframe + UI Kit

All Features of Karma Wireframe Kit
All Features of Karma UI Kit
Complete Design Toolkit for Web & UI Projects
Seamless Integration & Consistency
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